Omni is a product of the Montreal rave scene and now has fifteen years of experience in the world of techno, first as a DJ, then as a producer and co-founder of Tasty Bytes Records. 


His career led him to publish dozens of tracks and remixes for labels such as Digital Structures, Twisted Frequency, Baroque Records, Absolut Freak and Cliché Musique.


This allowed him to step on stages of major events and festivals in Canada, France, Réunion Island and Japan, including Piknic Electronik, Igloofest, Montreal Electronic Groove, the Réunion Electronik Groove and the Electro Parade.


In his DJ set, live performance and productions, his sound navigates between different sounds, drawing as much from techno and progressive house as from the electro sounds that have been his trademark for many years.

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