Born in East part of France, Torn started playing in 2000 and quickly became a regular in local clubs in France, Germany and Swiss, before expanding to other continents.

From Russia to Indonesia, Colombia or New Caledonia, she performs worldwide. 

She played live on B.B.C. Radio Wales (UK) and was the 1rst foreign djane to play in Doha, Qatar. 

She was one of the only french djane who played at KaZantip (UA) and featured in ELLE magazine in june 2013.


She ran her CRIMINAL BEAT CARTEL record label for 6 years. Her first EP came out in 2007 with Ben Long from Space DJZ & Mike Humphries. 

She collaborated with Electrixx on CBC 03 : "Sexstoy" has been released in 2009. This track has been tracklisted by TRAX Magazine, supported by Laurent Garnier and chosen by Mathieu Denis and  Simon Lavoie to feature in the soundtrack of their movie “Laurentie”, that was preselected for Cannes Festival.

In 2016 Torn continues her electronic story with "Make it" released on mexican label DropLow Records. 

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Live recorded video Miss Torn @ Bazook (FR)

Live recorded video Miss Torn @ Bazook (FR)

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